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How much can I earn from selling my designs on your platform?

Digital Download Commission Tiers:

Products priced between:

  • $1.99 - $2.98: Earn a solid 35% commission.
  • $2.99 - $4.98: Earn a generous 40% commission.
  • $4.99 - $7.98: Enjoy a whopping 50% commission.
  • $7.99 or more: Reap the rewards of a remarkable 60% commission.

Your Worth, Your Choice:
- We understand that your designs have value, and we want you to determine their worth.
- With our commission structure, you have the flexibility to set your own prices and earn the commission you deserve.

Sticker Commission:

15% Flat commission


Are there any fees?

We believe in transparency and fairness. That's why we don't charge any transaction fees, listing fees, advertising fees, subscription fees, or payment processing fees.

You'll receive your entire commission percentage without any deductions. Your hard-earned profits are truly yours to keep. There are no hidden fees. 


Can I set my own prices?

Digital Downloads:
With our digital download feature, you have the freedom to sell your digital creations at prices you determine. Say goodbye to low profit margins and hello to the value you deserve.

While we encourage you to set fair and competitive prices, we do have a minimum price requirement of $1.99 to ensure that your work is valued appropriately. 

The prices of our sticker products are non-negotiable and cannot be changed. However, we are thrilled to offer you an exceptional print-on-demand service. With us, you can fully concentrate on expressing your artistic talent while we handle the printing and shipping aspects. Bring your creative visions to reality by crafting remarkable designs. .


How are my earning calcluated?

Your earnings are calculated based on the subtotal of your sales before taxes and shipping fees. There are no transaction fees or payment processing fees, allowing you to receive the full amount of your earnings.


Is it possible to merge my earnings from multiple accounts?

No, you cannot merge or combine the earnings from multiple accounts. Each account must individually reach the $5 payment threshold.


What is Legacy Status?

Legacy Status Benefits for Digital Downloads:
- Once you achieve $500 in total commissions paid, you'll unlock our exclusive Legacy Status.
- Legacy Status members earn an impressive 60% commission on all products priced at $4.99 and above.

Legacy Status Benefits for Stickers:
- Once you achieve $500 in total commissions, you'll unlock our exclusive Legacy Status.
- Legacy Status members earn a 20% commission on all sticker products.



Updated on 10 Nov 2023