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StickerFavor® Surfboard 001 Vinyl Decal Sticker Favors (Qty 103 - assorted sizes)

Surfboard Vinyl Decal Sticker Favor Pack 001

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Great to use for crafting, DIY projects, envelopes, tags, glass, scrapbooking, on the bottom of candy, kids activities, gift boxes, cupcake toppers, bottles, birthday party, mirrors, jar labels, invitations, paper, cardboard, etc.

Pack of 103 Stickers
* Assorted Sizes
* Material: Gloss Vinyl

* Permanent Adhesive
* Waterproof
* Easy Peel and Stick

Breakdown of sizes:

0.75 inch (1 sheet of 35)
1 inch (1 sheet of 30)
1.5 inch (1 sheet of 20)
2 inch (1 sheet of 12)
3 inch (1 sheet of 4)
4 inch (1 sheet of 2)

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