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Getting Started

How do I set up a seller account?

It's easy to sign up as a vendor on our website and start selling your designs.

  • Visit the Decal Venue website
  • Click "Become a Seller"
  • Provide the following information:
    - Business Name: This will be your display name on our site. 
    - Your Name: Your First and Last Name
    - Country: Where you are located in the world
    - Website: Your website URL or Etsy Url. This can also any other platform where you sell your designs
    - Email address: Please double check before submitting the form
    - Password: Use a strong password
    - Accept the Terms and Conditions
    - Submit the form

After you submit the registration form, you will recieve a welcome email. Please make sure to check your spam/junk folder if you do not see it in your inbox.


Completing Your Vendor Profile

  • Log in to your seller account.
  • Click "Vendor Profile" in the top right menu.
  • Fill in additional information about yourself and your business such as payout preference, address, business logo, profile page banner, about you info, password changes, website and social media links.
  • Remember to click "Save" to update your profile.


You are now ready to start uploading and managing your designs.

Reach out to Decal Venue's customer support if you have any questions.


What types of products am I allowed to sell?

At Decal Venue, you have the exciting opportunity to sell a wide variety of digital products! As long as you are the sole creator of the artwork, you can list your designs for sale on our platform. Whether you've crafted them by hand or used generative AI, your creations are welcome here. It's important to remember that you are responsible for ensuring that your designs don't violate any intellectual property rights of others. We want to make sure that what you sell is exclusively your own intellectual property, reflecting your unique creativity. And guess what? Your digital designs will be transformed into awesome stickers, giving you the chance to earn even more! Happy selling!


Updated on 01 Nov 2023