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Sales & Payout Report

How do I view my sales history?

  • Log in to your seller account.
  • Click "Sales & Payouts Report" in the top right menu.
  • Scroll down to the Sales Report section
  • All of your sold products are listed here
  • To access more information about a sale, simply click on the "Sales Record" button located beside each product.
    By doing so, you can explore the following details:

    1. Date & Time: The precise date and time the sale took place.
    2. Order ID: A unique identifier assigned to each order.
    3. Variant Type: The specific type or variation of the product sold (Digital Download or Printed Stickers)
    4. Price: The cost of the product per unit.
    5. Quantity: The number of units of the product sold.
    6. Order Discount: Any discount applied to the order.
    7. Subtotal: The total value of the products before taxes and shipping charges are applied.
    8. Commission Rate: The percentage rate at which commissions are calculated.
    9. Commission Bonus: Any additional bonus amount earned as commission.
    10. Commission Deduction: Any adjustments made to the commission amount due to refunds or returned items.
    11. Commission Amount: The final commission earned for the sale.
    12. Notes: Any relevant additional information or comments regarding the sale.


How do I view my payout history?

  • Log in to your seller account.
  • Click "Sales & Payouts Report" in the top right menu.
  • All the information related to your payout history can be found in the Payout section.


Can I access customer data in the sales reports?

It's important to note that customer information is not accessible through these reports. This is done to protect sensitive data and comply with regulations regarding privacy and security.

Decal Venue takes the privacy of customer information seriously and ensures a safe buying experience for all users. By implementing measures to restrict access to customer data in sales reports, the marketplace maintains the confidentiality of names, contact details, and purchase history. This approach minimizes the risk of unauthorized access or misuse of customer data, promoting a secure and trustworthy environment for both sellers and buyers.


Can I export my sales and payout data?

Yes, you can export your sales and payout reports in either .CSV or .XLS format. This makes it easier to analyze and manipulate the data outside of the portal environment.




Updated on 01 Nov 2023